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10 June 2023
11 June 2023
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A new great adventure

It was a Sunday morning. I was waxing my moustache in the mirror, ready to put on my tailcoat and head out the door, when they called. They offered me this incredible job, telling me I would be Keeper of the Keys for a very unusual place.

They assured me that they had thought of me right away when they discovered this place. I would be the only one who could look after the Secret. The next day I packed my bags and headed to the address they had given me.

There, I discovered this fantastic space. I thought I had seen everything, that I knew everything, that nothing could surprise me, and yet there I was with my mouth agape, my moustache quivering with astonishment.

No, it was too incredible, it was beyond reason. I wasn’t imagining things, I was simply experiencing magic. Real magic!

They gave me the keys, whispering to me: “Mr Maurice, now it’s up to you! You’re the one who will guide our guests from one world to another. Mr Maurice, help them discover this magical place, where seeing and believing become one and reality blends with fantasy. ” I knew I had the experience, that I knew how to enchant them, and I myself was quite fascinated.

So I set to work making sure everything would be welcoming and comfortable, surrounded by this enchanting magic. Now, this summer, it will be ready. I can open the door to this exclusive and extraordinary place, yes, this summer I’ll show them…

Yours truly,