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Meet the Guardian of the Premises, Monsieur Maurice!

Monsieur Maurice

Distinguished charm, unwavering discretion and unrivalled dedication… This is a perfect description of Monsieur Maurice, the mysterious Guardian of the Grand Magic Hotel, located close to Disneyland Paris. Sporting a stylish moustache that constitutes his main distinctive feature, he is behind all the secrets that are hidden behind the doors of this 4-star hotel. But who is this emblematic character?

An Enigmatic Phone Call

One day, as he was polishing his majestic moustache, a mysterious phone call disrupted Monsieur Maurice’s daily routine. On the other end of the line was an offer that was as intriguing as it was enticing: the chance to become the one and only guardian of an extraordinary place, the Grand Magic Hotel. Charmed by this incredible opportunity, he accepted without hesitation, and was entrusted with the keys to this magical place. He became the person in charge of guiding his guests on a fantastic journey where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred, and where his visitors experience a magical, timeless moment. His wish is that each and every one of them should discover the Grand Magic Hotel with the same awe as when he first arrived.

The Guardian of Secrets

As the Guardian of the premises, Monsieur Maurice has an intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny of this fascinating establishment, and holds all of its secrets. With the utmost dedication, he guides his guests through different supernatural universes and parallel worlds, revealing the best-kept mysteries of this mesmerising place. This unique and spectacular immersive experience awaits travellers every evening at 7pm in the Grand Hall.


An Exceptional Cuisine

In addition to his role as Guardian, Monsieur Maurice has always been a fine gourmet, and he intends to pass this on to his guests by inviting them to an unforgettable feast at the “Chez Maurice” buffet restaurant, where he fulfils the most extravagant wishes and the craziest appetites. He also invites those in search of a more intimate experience to “La table de Monsieur Maurice”, a refined space offering à la carte bistronomic cuisine that passionately revisits the flavours of traditional French cuisine.

An Eternal Mystery

Just like the hotel he watches over, Monsieur Maurice retains a veil of mystery that adds to the captivating aura of this magical place. His notorious discretion and kind presence throughout your stay make him an essential part of the unique experience that the Grand Magic Hotel has to offer.
So, keep your eyes wide open, for who knows, you may be lucky enough to cross paths with Monsieur Maurice during your stay in this enigmatic establishment. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this extraordinary place and share some unique and unforgettable moments with your family under the loving gaze of Monsieur Maurice, who is never far away.
Stay tuned, as Monsieur Maurice himself will keep you regularly informed of the hotel’s latest news and developments, always with a touch of suspense, of course.

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