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Discover the four imaginary worlds that come to life in the Grand Hall of the Grand Magic Hotel!

Monsieur Maurice

Dear guests,

It is a great honour for me to invite you to enter the Grand Hall, a magical place located at the heart of the Grand Magic Hotel. Get ready for an exceptional immersive experience unlike any other in Europe, just a few minutes away from Disneyland Paris. As the Guardian of the premises, allow me to guide you on a journey through four fantastic worlds, which will stimulate each of your five senses and spark your imagination.


During the day, picture yourself strolling through beautiful French gardens. You might spot rabbits scampering and playing among the bushes. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. In the early evening, from 7pm, discover a forest that is as mysterious as it is warm. Only illuminated by the glow of fireflies, it hides many secrets. Afterwards, admire the beauty of the underwater world, filled with colourful fish and glistening shells. Our journey finally ends surrounded by clouds, in a peaceful atmosphere that invites you to rest after an eventful day with your family, gently preparing you for a magical night in our beautifully decorated rooms. The moon above your bed will ensure that your dreams remain calm and sweet.


Consider this journey with me as an opportunity to discover magical worlds. As the Guardian of the premises, it is my privilege to share with you, little by little, all the mysteries and secrets of this unique place known as the Grand Magic Hotel. To make the most of this unique moment, our bar, the Magic’Hall, has created cocktails specially designed to reflect the themes of these fantastic worlds. They will surprise your taste buds and make your immersion in these fascinating worlds even more special.


Located close to Disneyland Paris, the Grand Magic Hotel is not an ordinary hotel, but rather an invitation to see your dreams come true and discover the magic hidden in every detail. Get ready to enter extraordinary worlds and experience unforgettable moments with your family.
I will be looking forward to seeing you.


With all my devotion,

Monsieur Maurice, Guardian of the Grand Magic Hotel

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